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Information about the Internet


Learn the basics of the internet Here are some of the basic things that you need to know about the internet.


Some of the browsers that are available There are several good browsers available. Here's a description of each of them.

  • History Of Browsers The first real web browser was Mosaic and it was released in 1993. Netscape soon followed, and Internet Explorer came even later.
  • Browser Helper Objects Is your system crashing? Perhaps you've unknowingly done what I did - added a Browser Helper Object.
  • Browser Parameters Your browser actually informs the HTML page and web server quite a bit of information. Here is some of it.


Chatting Chatting is a great way to socialize on the web. 

  • Instant Messaging There has been a lot of talk about instant messaging. Why does anyone really care?

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery If you manage a computer facility, then you must understand there will be disasters. Be ready for them.

  • Laying The Groundwork Before you can do anything to prepare for a disaster, it's a good idea to look around, see what's there and collect your thoughts.
  • Convincing The Boss Before you can do anything to prepare for a disaster, it's a good idea to look around, see what's there and collect your thoughts.
  • Getting Started You begin a disaster recovery project with analysis, design and a lot of help.
  • A Case Study Our first attempt at creating a disaster site was a disaster. We then redid the whole project. This time, however, we learned from our mistakes and did it correctly.
  • Checklist for Disaster Recovery There are many things you need to think about BEFORE a disaster occurs to make it possible to recover quickly if the worst happens.
  • Examples Want some examples of disaster recovery scenarios? Here they are.
  • Types of Disaster Recovery There are levels of disaster recovery: from nothing at all, to backups to a fully ready hot site.
  • How To Protect Your Power I learned the hard way that it's important to give your computer clean, steady power.


FTP You can use FTP to copy files to and from your web site. It's a good, efficient tool.

  • FTP Commands This is a list of some of the FTP commands which are available from the command prompt.
  • Anonymous FTP Need to find some files to download from the web? Chances are you will find them on an FTP site.
  • FTP- How Does It Work? Here is how FTP works and why it's more efficient than web browsing for large file transfers.


Graphics Graphics is very important, generally not very well understood, and often the mot difficult part of creating a web site.

  • Clipart There are many places on the web to get great clipart, and there are many packages available to service every desire and need.
  • Colors Your colors are important, and it's critical to know how the different browsers handle color.
  • Fonts Fonts are important. A good choice of fonts makes your web site look great, and a bad choice makes it unusable.
    • What About Fonts? There are several things to know about fonts in order to use them correctly: fixed vs variable, serif or sans-serif, and kerning.
  • Graphics Formats Use your intelligence to choose the correct graphics format for your web pages. You can use GIF, JPEG or the up-and-coming PNG formats.
    • Graphics Formats - BMP The BMP format is the most basic graphics format. It is also the most inefficient.
    • Graphics Formats - GIF The GIF format is an excellent format for many types of graphics.
    • Graphics Formats - Animated GIFs Use animated GIFs to create moving images on your web site. Just remember not to overdo it.
    • Graphics Formats - JPG JPG is best for images with gradients, blends and inconsistent color variants. It is very efficient but parts of the image are lost by the compression scheme.
    • Graphics Formats - PNG The PNG format is a newer, better format than GIF. It may soon be the dominant format on the internet.
  • Paint Shop Pro Paint Shop Pro is a great graphics editor.
  • Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes Paint Shop Pro has the ability to use a cool feature called Picture Tubes. This makes creating unique graphics incredibly simple.
  • Graphics Optimization Graphics optimization is an important part of creating and maintaining your web site. You can increase the odds that your visitors don't hit the back key by reducing load times.
  • Graphics Plug-Ins There are many plug-ins available which will make your pages look great, but may annoy your visitors.

Home Pages

Homepages You should consider creating a home page. It's fun, simple and rewarding in many ways. You can create a personal site about your hobbies, books, religion, photo album or whatever else you want.

  • Web Host Tips Looking for a hosting company? Here are some tips to help you out.
  • Choosing A Web Host Are you trying to find a good web host? Here are some helpful hints to make it go a little better.
  • Backup Your Site Maintaining a web site? You'd better make a backup if you haven't already. You never know what could happen to your host or your hosts computers.
  • Empower Your Site- Pay Your Host Put your site on a free host and you are just a small fish in a large tank. Put it on a paid host and you start to become a professional.
  • What Makes For A Good Host? Looking for a web host? Here are some attributes that you should be looking for.
  • Moving to a New Host I have now changed hosts three times. This article lists some of the issues that I had to address.
  • Web Host Ethics In these days of impending recession and failed dot coms, it is a good idea for web hosting companies to understand who their customers are, and to treat them right.
  • Some Advice On Bandwidth How much bandwidth is enough? My advice is to purchase as much as you can afford.
  • Dedicated Servers Is your site getting a huge amount of traffic? Do you need lots of disk space? Hosting a bizillion sites? Then perhaps you need a dedicated server.
  • Set Up Your Own Newsfeed Want to set up an automatic newsfeed from your site to hundreds (or even thousands) of others? Here's how you do it.


Multimedia You have lots of multimedia choices available, including video, sound, powerpoint and graphics.

  • How to include Multimedia Files This is how you include a multimedia file in your document.
  • Here's how to do sound in an HTML document Want to know how to add sound to your document? Here are some tips.
    • Using Sound In A Web Site Want to include sound on your web site? Here are some good ideas.
    • MIDI files MIDI files are a great way to add sound to your web pages.
    • WAV Files WAV files allow you to quickly create sound files and add them to your web site.
    • Real audio Real audio allows you to create very highly compressed sound files.
    • Background Sound You can put background sound in your website, but think twice about it as it can chase away visitors fast.
  • Here's an overview of video Want to add video? Here's how.
    • AVI Video format
    • MPEG video format
    • Quicktime Video format The Quicktime video format is produced by Apple, works on Windows and Macintosh platforms and has a very clean and easy install.
    • Real video format The Real audio/video format is very popular and produces extremely compressed video (and sound). However, it does require a very commercial plugin.
    • Video Codecs A major issue with uncompressed audio and video files is they take up huge amounts of space. In fact, uncompressed multimedia files are generally much too large for most systems and for most download speeds.


Newsgroups Newsgroups are a great way to communicate with a large group about various subjects.

  • Newsgroup Browsers There are several browsers available with a very wide variety of features. Choose the one that's best for you.
  • Newsgroups - Cancelbots When a newsgroup administrator wants to delete a spam or flame newsgroup posting, he will send out a cancelbot.
  • Newsgroup Prefixes The names of the newsgroups explained
  • Newsgroup Security It's important to protect yourself properly when posting to newsgroups or you could get burned.
  • Messages are tracked when posted Reading from newsgroups is generally untraceable, but your posts to newsgroups can and are tracked.
  • Newsgroups - Crossposting It's great to be a subscriber to many different newsgroups, but watch the multi-posts and crossposts.
  • Newsgroups - Quoting It's a good idea to include a few lines of test from the message to which you are replying. It's not a good idea to include hundreds of lines. Trim it down and your readers will thank you.
  • Newsgroups - Servers Okay, so where can you get access to newsgroups? Your ISP is a good place to start, and if that fails, try one of the paid services.
  • Newsgroups - Replies Believe it or not, there is a right way to reply to a newsgroup and a wrong way.


Surfing the web Everything you need to know to have a great time surfing the net.

  • Buying on the internet Be careful when you purchase on the internet. There are many scams and people who want to harm you.
  • Purchasing on the internet Shopping on the internet? Use safe shopping practices or take the risk of losing money.
  • Ecards Ecards are free, and they are an excellent way to send a greeting to a friend or a loved one.
  • Being Part Of Groups Do you like to socialize? Then join and contribute to an internet social group!
  • Let the webmaster know what you think of his site Remember that the internet is all about communication, so communicate. One good way to do so is by signing signing guestbooks. This way you let the webmaster know what you think of his site.
  • Choosing an ISP Picking a good ISP is critical for having a good time on the web.
  • Password Safety If you are like most people, you haven't thought much about password safety. Well, perhaps you should.
  • Portals Portals are a great way to get to a lot of different sites on the web.
  • The internet is a great research tool The internet is probably the greatest invention for research that has ever existed.
    • Finding Out What You've Been Up To Your computer system keeps lots of records about what you've been doing. This article tells you where a lot of it is stored.
    • Medical Resources A couple of years ago I became desperate for medical information on the web. Here are some sites that I found which helped ...
  • Where to find an answer Where do you find the answers you need? Here are some suggestions.
  • Start Pages Setting up a good start page is a great way to improve your surfing experience.
  • Statistics How can you find out about he internet in general? Here are some of the tools you will need.
  • Truste If you want to be sure that your privacy is not being invaded by a web site, make sure they have the TrustE logo showing.
  • File Formats on the web Here is a table with a list of many of the common file formats and how you can handle them on your pc. Formats include 'au, aiff, bin, cda, doc, exe, gif, gz, hqx, jpg, jpeg, mid, midi, mim, mpg, mpeg, qt, mov, movie, pdf, ps, rar, sit, sea, tar, tiff, text, txt, uu, uue, wav, z and zip'.
  • Webcams This weekend I installed a webcam. It was an interesting experience but worth the trouble.
  • Is surfing the internet safe at work? If you are like most people, you use the internet at work for personal reasons. Perhaps you should think twice about that.


All the data you need to know about setting up for the internet There are many things that you can do to your computer system to improve your surfing experience.


  • Telnet Some web hosts will give you Telnet access to your account. This is a very powerful way to be able to change and check out your web site.
    • Cron If you have telnet access to your site, you can use CRONTAB to schedule jobs.

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